Got Questions? Of course you do, so here's a lot of frequently asked ones to help you get started.

Can NTS design, build and manage the whole process?

Yes, we handle everything working with you all the time to explain and choose the right size, orientation, design, window and door options and external cladding through to flooring and decorating.

Do I have to have a foundation ready to build on?

No. Unlike many of our competitors NTS will advise and install the best foundations for your room subject to ground inspection.  This might be a concrete slab, but usually our preferred method is ‘ground screws’. The advantages are numerous being more environmentally friendly, as well as more cost effective and quicker.

Do I need planning permission for my garden room?

In most cases Permitted Development rules (Class E of the General Permitted Development Order (GPDO)) allow you to build without the need for full planning permission, providing the room is under 30²M and less than 2.5M in height (3M if more than 2M from curtilage, or 4M if a dual pitched roof).  Your room must be used as an Incidental Use room to your property and not as a standalone dwelling. For further information see Planning Portal NB Listed properties and homes in AONB will normally need Planning Permission. If Planning Permission is required, NTS can manage the whole process for you submitting application with architect drawings, or guide you as needed.

Do I need building regulations for my garden room?

No providing you are building under permitted development rules.

Can I use my garden room all year round?

Yes, NTS build rooms to be used 365 days of the year with quality, efficient insulation, double glazing, lighting, and heating.

Can you take care of the electrics?

Yes, unlike some garden room suppliers, NTS carry out the electrical installation to comply with part P of the Building Regulations, certified by qualified electrician(s).

Can I control lighting and heating remotely?

Yes, with Smart upgrade options we can install remote heating and lighting meaning you can ‘manage’ the room from your phone.

Can I have a choice of doors and windows?

Yes, unlike many of our competitors, NTS rooms are fully customisable so offer choice of uPVC, aluminium or timber frames, French, Sliding Patio or Bifold styles as well as corner windows and large ‘picture’ windows, in myriad colours.  We are now pleased to be able to offer triple glazing to improve insulation; ‘thermal bridging’.

Can I get internet to my garden room/garden office?

Yes, all NTS garden rooms come with internet extended from house in external shielded Cat6 cable, as standard.

Can you design and build a garden room with minimal environmental impact?

Yes, NTS are excited by myriad new natural insulation products coming to market with significantly reduced carbon footprint. Our timber supplier only sources from sustainably managed forests certified by the FSC.  In addition, our composite cladding options are made from recycled polyethylene plastic and wood fibres.  We are keen to explore and source new ‘low impact’ environmentally friendly products as they become available.

Can I have a ‘living roof’ on my garden room?

Yes, NTS can build the roof to take sedum or as an alternative artificial grass.

Can we sleep in our garden room as an extra living space?

Yes, but you must have the appropriate planning permission for use as an Ancillary space.

Can we install a toilet and shower in the garden room?

Yes, if within the GDPO rules; in some cases, full planning and building regulations may need to be sought.

Can I have a pitched roof?

Yes, NTS can design and craft a beautiful, pitched roof covered with natural cedar shingles or lightweight composite roof tiles, but you may need planning permission subject to exact height and location.

Can I have storage built?

Yes, NTS can design your garden room with storage area for bikes, garden furniture etc.

Can my garden room be split into two rooms/sections?

Yes, we can design with separating wall and internal/external door(s) so for instance a gym could be separate from the office space.

Can my garden room be moved to a new location?

Although theoretically some garden room ‘kits’ might be relocatable, NTS rooms are more substantial and constructed as a timber frame house would be, therefore our rooms cannot be moved.

Can I have a water butt to collect rainwater from the roof?

Yes, we are happy to fit as an option, which is great for saving water.

Can you install ceiling speakers?

Yes, during the design process we can agree any requirement for sound system to enhance the amenity of your garden room/cinema!

Can you install paving, pathway or decking to my new garden room?

Yes, NTS can undertake the work ourselves or for larger landscaping projects work with our trusted partners to deliver your vision.

Can I have additional garden lights?

Yes, during the electrical installation NTS would be happy to plan & install garden ambience lighting, pathway lights or decking lights.

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FAQ’s are designed as an introductory guide to garden rooms, garden offices, garden gyms or garden studios NTS can design and build. Although we can give guidance in line with GDPO regulations, ultimately adherence to planning regulations and compliance remains solely the responsibility of the homeowner, if in doubt we would recommend seeking a ‘Certificate of Lawfulness’.