Built for life.

Building amazing outdoor spaces, to make a lifetime of memories.

With multiple design features and extras to choose from, our range of Garden Rooms are perfect no matter what size outdoor space you have.

Have a great idea for your outdoor space but need someone to make it a reality? Let us design and build your dream space for you.

Our Ground Screw Foundation system is available for any project and perfect as a stable replacement to digging or pouring concrete bases.

From Ground Screws to Garden rooms, Pergolas to Patios we build your outdoor space for your needs. All our projects are completely customisable for you to have the greatest garden space possible.

How we manage your project…

We use a detailed process to identify your exact needs including location, size, orientation, purpose and function, style, look and feel, along with practical considerations .

Our extensive research with our own unique design ideas, including materials, construction methods, we will craft your sustainable building, presenting the design and agreeing the budgets with you.

Our experienced and personable construction will work to your schedule, minimising disruption, noise and mess, leaving your garden tidy – and you free to enjoy your  “New Timber Space”.

Still not sure about us..?

So, if you’re looking for passionate and friendly team to install, design or build your next outdoor project, then you’ve come to the right place. Click below, you’re one conversation away from your own custom New Timber Space.